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Vanillawood Eau de Parfum

Vanillawood Eau de Parfum

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Be transported to the world of an explorer in a newly discovered land. The expedition has one goal; retrieve a casket of the fabled Vanillawood from the heart of the jungle. A perfume inspired by tales of adventure through a humid rainforest, clad in steel armour and returning home in a caravel sipping on spiced rum.

Vanillawood is a woody fragrance with hints of vanilla, spices and rum. The composition is built around a heart of Oakwood, an expensive and rare raw material which gives it it's signature soft, deeply woody, vanilla liquor barrel aroma. 


Fragrance family: Woody

Fragrance strength: Eau de Parfum

Notes from the perfumer: Opens with an explosion of warmth, like opening an old treasure chest. Quietens down to the subtle and long lasting scent of wood whispering stories of a forgotten past. A perfume for the understated and refined individual. This is not a vanilla-centric perfume, despite the name. This perfume is excellent for spraying on coats and jumpers during winter but can also be used intimately on pulse points on the skin.

Fragrance notes:

Top: Cinnamon, Rum, Honey

Mid: Oakwood, Cedarwood

Base: Musks, Vanilla, Benzoin, Woody bouquet

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

Beautiful sweet, warm, woody fragrance. Lasts all day with great projection, really amazing perfumery

Dominique Mondesir

Fast delivery. Lovely scent and would recommend Vanillawood Eau de Parfum to anyone. Love that scent

Strong, rich and deep

I must say Sam has outdone himself. This perfume can easily compete with the big brands. So intoxicating. It has a very rich aroma. Reminds me of Lithuanian Meads (alcoholic drink based on honey). You can clearly smell the honey and the rum. I could swear there is also a hint of tobacco here. Very sweet and warm

My very favourite

Have had Vanillawood for a while now, love using it and always getting nice comments, only need to apply at the beginning of the day, for all day fragrance.


This is such a beautiful scent. Deep, rich and boozy with excellent longevity. Perfect for winter.