By Virtue of Sunbeams

Wander down an endless tropical shoreline where sunbeams glisten through sea spray amidst a warm breeze, empty save for a lone wizard studying the sun's rays as they reflect through magnificent formations of crystal which have grow in the sand.

Waves crash against a backdrop of golden sunbeams on an endless beach which time forgot. The cool sea balances the warm rays. The ocean rises up like walls of glass before crashing calmly to the sand, as if hushed by some form of magic. Sunlight ricochets through these walls, glistening through the sparkling sea foam.

Pillars of crystal form along the shore of the beach. On certain days they bend sunbeams into rays, forming networks of light. It would seem like some kind of preordained system if you were to look carefully…

The warping of time caused by elemental solar magic causes sunrises and sunsets to last for hours. The light is captured in the large crystalline formations, inducing them to glow with warmth.

Wander far enough along the beach and you will stumble across a wizards tower. This part of the beach resonates with solar energy, steeped in magic.

The wizard has devoted centuries to studying this place at the edge of the earth, where virgin landforms tower out of the ocean, slowly being born, expanding the world for future millennia.

The confluence of solar magic has extended his life unnaturally, allowing him to have built a tall wizard's tower unaided. He continues his search for patterns in the reflections of sunbeams.