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By Virtue of Sunbeams Eau de Toilette

By Virtue of Sunbeams Eau de Toilette

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A tropical island. A forest on the beach. A wizard's tower amongst the sand. Allow the warm rays of sunlight to caress your skin and slip away from the grey and the mundane. Embrace the dream of eternal summer by virtue of sunbeams. Will you search for the wizard or wander the timeless shoreline?

By Virtue of Sunbeams is a light, tropical, citrus fragrance, perfect for sunny days outside or to make you feel like you're still in one. Grapefruit, mango and guava sit as the jewel amongst a refreshing conifer sea-breeze.

Fragrance family: Tropical, Citrus, Aromatic

Fragrance strength: Eau de Toilette

Notes from the perfumer: It’s perfect for any situation; from a sunrise run to a day at the beach or a festival. This perfume stemmed from a concept I made back in 2013, my favourite creation from my early days as a perfumer. I've reworked it countless times and only now have I been fully satisfied with the final endpoint.

Fragrance notes: 

Top: Mango, Florida Grapefruit, Spruce
Mid: Sun Cream, Sea breeze
Base: Guava, Soft musks, Ambergris

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
4.5 stars

Mouth watering grapefruit. Extremely fresh.
2-3 hours solid projection, then a further 3 hours closer to skin. You can tell its blended meticulously.

Danny Arovo
By virtue of Sunbeams

Fragrance is insane, great projection, masterful blend

Ayo Ayedun

I received a sample set of Sam’s fragrances, and this is without doubt love at first sniff and a true masterpiece to my nose. A full purchase is a must. Excellent work Sam. Signature bottle worthy!!

God I love mango

Sweet, fruity and refreshing. You can clearly smell the mango which is very uncommon and hard to reproduce. Lasts for a long time. Instant favorite

Phil Simmons
New Summer Frag

Having very recently discovered Sam's compositions via Omar's Youtube channel I decided to order a trio of travel sized bottles including this and it's beautiful.
Sam clearly has a wonderful talent and i'm excited to see what he comes up with in the future.
This is my favourite out of the three with Moonlight Harvest a very close second.
I was looking for a different summer fragrance outside of the usual blue and citrus crowd and this fits the bill perfectly, it has a subtle lightness to it with a gorgeous smooth mango. Happiness in a bottle? Not far from it.
Oh and extremely fairly priced too for the quality of blending.