Join the guardians of the ocean on a journey to the bottom of the sea to save their sacred cypress tree.

The Aqua Marines are a group of warrior sages dedicated to the element of water, the special forces of the aquatic world. They live on a remote outcrop in the eastern ocean where little else grows on the rocks but a lone cypress tree, with roots they believe are connected to the spirit of the ocean.

Their tranquillity is disrupted by perturbations in the water; the tree is becoming sick, and they must delve into the depths to save it.

From the air, the ocean looks like a barren place, devoid of life and without an awful much going on.

But beneath the surface, an entire world is illuminated by caustic patterns of light. Fish, coral and seaweed coexist in peace, acting as a playground for the occasional larger creature.

The Aqua Marine sages have the capacity for waterbreathing, a gift rewarded for their devotion to the element of water. But even they struggle in the depths of the ocean and must use all of their deftness to extract oxygen from the scores of water bubbles which rise up as they swim further down.

They arrive at an ancient temple, now ruins, but a path of pure aquatic energy lights their way. They discover a cypress tree at the bottom of the ocean, just like theirs, except this one posesses the gift of waterbreathing just like the Marines. Its network of roots extends in all directions to the different continents.

They find a piece of rusty metal infecting the tree, probably discarded unknowingly from a merchant ship above weeks earlier. The Marines remove the metal and the tree begins to heal.