The story behind Zurai

My name is Sam (picture below), and Zurai is my perfume brand.

I dreamed of becoming a perfumer after I finished university, however I couldn't afford the thousands of dollars for a professional perfumery school, without which, breaking into the industry is difficult.

So I thought fuck that, I'm going to teach myself and learn how to make professional perfumes on my own. I now teach others everything I've learned over the years for free over at my main brand, The Fragrance Foundry.

Zurai is where I put all of my own creations. Here I build fantasy worlds for you to escape from the stresses of your own life for a brief moment.

Zurai is all about following your dreams and fighting for what you believe in. My hope is that my perfumes & clothing can be a little reminder you take with you to stay strong and be relentless in making your life goals happen.

In the spirit of helping you towards your goals, I wrote myself a diet planning app which I use to plan my recipes to compliment my current fitness programme. You can download it for your own benefit for free on Android and iOS.