Relive the quest of a prince in a newly discovered land. The expedition has one goal; retrieve a casket of the fabled Vanillawood from the heart of the jungle.

The story begins in a coastal kingdom on the other side of the world from the little known jungle. There lived a royal family. When it was time to take the throne from his sick father, the prince said “No, my brother can rule the kingdom. I will set sail towards unknown lands and find a cure for your affliction”. He went down at the docks and took command of a fine ship, hoisted the royal flag and set sail the same day, not looking back once.

The intrepid prince did not wish to stay in his maritime kingdom all his life and learn the politics of his father. Instead he finally had an excuse to set sail alone, far into the unknown seas, only a crest to remind him of his origins and the stars to guide him far from home.

When the prince made landfall, he was met by a coastline of turquoise water kissing white sand, under towering cliffs harbouring verdant greenery

In the rainforest, orchids and lilies collect the rainwater. The watery dew clings to the leaves, offering respite to the rare passing traveller in the heat of the morning.

The sap of new-growth leaves was vaporised by the impact of raindrops to form a fine mist, possessing a sweet & fresh aroma which lingered into the evening.

The prince was a skilled warrior, and preferred to travel encased in his steel armour despite the tropical humidity, in readiness against the many deadly predators which prowled the forest.

Emerging from one side of the jungle, the trees became thinner, dispersed between lush clearings. Dense jungle fog became almost constant, as if obscuring the path to come.

Lime green sylvan leaves framed the dark silver sky, which felt as an apparition of the spirit of eternal life and regrowth which resides in the rainforest.

The jungle was full of bounty and treasure. A pile of gold coins might be found around any twist and turn, adding to the seductive beauty of the vibrant green backdrop.

In the heart of the jungle, the forest was dark and seething with an ancient energy. Pathways carved into the stone, presumably by some ancient civilisation, were the only way to pass this otherwise inavigable terrain.

After 35 days of travel, the prince finally arrived at a temple resembling the one from his dreams. Inside, he found exotic wood lying in a casket, deep in the underbelly of the pyramid. It’s golden hue and subtle scent of vanilla prompted his to name his new discovery “Vanillawood”.

As the prince returned back to his ship through the jungle, he felt transcended. An inner peace rolled over him like he had never experienced before, and he finally felt happy to return home instead of continuing to explore this new land - at least for the time being. The ancient pathways glowed with light, guiding him until the canopy had thinned enough for him to navigate using the stars above.

As the prince set sail home he had one final vision. The abandoned temple was not the one from his dreams, instead that lay elsewhere. He had been spared his doom, instead watched over and guided by the spirits of the forest. The local inhabitants were not vindictive, but instead had allowed him safe passage through the forest which they protect, for they saw something different in him, unlike those who had come in the past.

The prince sailed home under the light of the stars, using them to navigate with his litany of charts. He rested in his royal cabin, sipping on spiced rum, while the once elusive Vanillawood lay safely in its chest beside him.